Thursday, 24 August 2017

Selection of Songs

Sovay the Female Highwayman (A.L.Lloyd)

Children Folklore broadcast (A.L.Lloyd)

The Drover's Dream (A.L.Lloyd)

Shickered As He Could Be (A.L.Lloyd)

Rocking the Cradle (A.L.Lloyd)

Click Go the Shears (A.L.Lloyd)

Click Go the Shears (Burl Ives)

Morton Bay (Simon McDonald)

The Golden Vanity (Simon McDonald)

The Bare Belled-Ewe 1891 version of Click Go the Shears (Chloe and Jason Roweth)

Peg and Awl (Pete Seeger)

The Contract Horse Breaker (A.L.Lloyd)

Hold On Hamilton (A.L.Lloyd)